My beauty tips and tricks!

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Everyone has their own little tricks that they feel work for them when it comes to their beauty routine, these are mine!

Cold water on a rag- whenever I feel like my face is looking a little dull and I don’t have makeup at my disposal, I go straight for the coldest water I can find. I know it’s so simple, but it really wakes your skin up and brightens my face up. I soak a paper towel in super cold water, or even better an ice cube if you have one! Afterwards, I pinch my cheeks a little bit to give myself some flush in my cheeks and viola, ready to go.

Lipstick on your cheeks- some people with sensitive or acne prone skin may not be able to get away with this because the parabens in lipstick aren’t technically catered towards skin. To me, all makeup is basically the same, just like I always say that men’s products are just women’s products in a black bottle with bold lettering. I use whatever lipstick I’m using on my lips and do a swipe on each cheek and I love the matchy look. Surprisingly, my favorite lipstick on my cheeks is Mac Heroine, a matte purple. Purple on the cheeks is highly underrated. I never seem to break out or have any other issues.

Toothpaste on pimples- I always thought that this was a well known trick but apparently quite a few people didn’t know it. Don’t use a gel, make sure it’s a paste. Just put a nice size dab on before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning the pimple will be totally dried out and virtually gone. This tip is fool proof.

Concealer as a lipstick base- There seems to be a recurring theme here that many products can be substituted for something you “have to buy.” Example; my MAC prep and prime lip. Literally an overpriced sample size of concealer, but possibly even more drying. Use your regular old concealer as a base so the color will come out true to form, and not mix with the color of your lips. It will also make it last much longer.