Whats in my bag- Lipstick edition!

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I am a total lipstick junkie. It is actually insane how many lipsticks I carry around with me on a day to day basis. I’ve been wanting to start a “whats in my bag” post, and what better makeup to focus on than my precious lipsticks! I’m trying to avoid reviewing the ones i’ve already written about so i’m leaving a few of my favorites off the list, but check out some of my older posts if you’re interested!


Mac Korean Candy This color is awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as flattering on my light skin tone as I expected it to, but its a beautiful color and its one of their Sheen Supremes, which I am crazy about. Its a red/orange color, looks more red in the tube and orange on my lips. It glides on like butter and provides moisture for those days when my lip ecfoliator just isnt cutting it and I know a matte isn’t going to work on my lips that day. For such a moisturizing lipstick, I find it lasts pretty much all day. The lipstick itself is flat and circular as opposed to the normal shape of Mac lipsticks but its super easy to apply and I am not bothered by that at all. I am anxiously awaiting the moody blooms collection to get my hands on some new Sheen Supremes!


Rimmel Back to Fuschia I recently finished my Nars Satin Lip pencil in “Yu” which is an amazing hot pink. I’m not currently in the market for another 25 dollar lip pencil so I figured it’d be easier to just find a drug store dupe, and boy did I ever. I had never tried any of their moisture renew lipsticks before, but I was missing out. The packaging is beautiful and numerous people have mistaken the lipstick for urban decay. It comes in a bright purple mirror plastic with a crown on top, because you feel like a total princess when you wear this! It is a true Fuchsia pink with blue undertones that is pretty much exactly the color I was looking for. I like my lipsticks bright and fun, and Back to Fuchsia is no exception. The lipstick is not drying at all but still comes out matte on the lips and lasts me at least the entire morning. If hot pink isn’t your color they have plenty of other nice colors as well, not as many as Revlon or Maybelline but enough for me!


Maybelline Very Cherry When it comes to drugstore lipsticks, you really cant go wrong with Maybelline. They have been a staple of women’s makeup for so many years and while I am not a fan of all of their products, their lipstick formula is on point. This color is my perfect red. I spent a long time searching (mostly at Sephora and other high end makeup counters) and I happened to try this on when I borrowed it from a friend. There it was, my perfect true red smiling back at me! It looks beautiful on your lips straight out of the tube, but I prefer to put it on with a lip brush because I think it keeps it from bleeding. Finding a good red for your complexion can be tricky, and while this is blue based the color seems to flatter many different complexions.


Mac Diva Ahh, my beloved Matte lipstick. I have literally 5 different matte mac lipsticks floating around my bag at any given time, but I figured id go with one I haven’t obsessed over on here as much as the others! This color is a beautiful deep burgundy. Normally, I wouldn’t go for a color such as this but it matched my dress perfectly for my sisters wedding and I knew I wanted to go full out glam and make that my showstopping moment. I love pretty much all Mac lipsticks, but their matte formula must have been made with me in mind. It is super long lasting and not nearly as drying as I find their retro mattes to be. As with any matte lipstick, a little exfoliation and chap stick (wipe off before you apply the lipstick) goes a long way, especially if its for a special occasion. This color will turn heads and give you that sexy vamp look, but I think it’s better reserved for when the summer months are over. I’m still going to keep it in my bag though, just in case!


Loreal Fiery Veil I think this is my only Loreal lipstick I own, but i’m not exactly sure why that is. This color was my first orange and is from the Colour Riche collection. It was more like dipping my toe into the orange trend rather than jumping in head first like I am now. It’s a great lipstick, and it comes in handy for when I want to have orange lips while still looking work appropriate. The lipstick comes in a skinnier tube and glides on so easily. It gives a much more sheer color than any of the previously mentioned lipsticks and could easily be mistaken for a gloss on the lips. Usually I don’t go for the sheer glossy look but this lipstick produces a beautiful color orange that I cant resist. It has a little bit of shimmer to it without that sticky glossy feeling and gives my lips a break from the massive amount of drying I do to them before my Aquaphor regimen at night. For those of you looking for a nice true orange without going over the top, you have met your match.



My favorite Mac Lipsticks!


Mac has and always will be one of my all time favorite makeup brands. Between the packaging, the array of products, and all the limited edition releases they really know how to keep a girl on her toes! Since you will be seeing a lot of mac on the blog, I figured id start with the basics of my favorite mac lipsticks


Mac Sushi Kiss (Satin Finish)- This color isn’t really for the faint of heart. It’s a mix between coral and peach but its bright and the tanner your skin the more it will stand out. That being said, the color is drop dead gorgeous. It really is one of those rare colors that I don’t know any dupes for. It took me a while to find my perfect peach but with this lipstick, I have finally found it.


Mac Asian Flower (Sheen Supreme)- This lipstick is part of the less publicized sheen supreme collection. Mac will actually be releasing their Moody Blooms collection on June 26th, which will introduce us to at least 5 more new Sheen Supremes. Don’t say you didnt read it here first! I actually saw Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars wearing this lipstick at an event so I instagrammed her makeup artist for the color. It looks more purple on her tan skin and tends to lean more pinkie purple on mine, but either way the color is beautiful. It produces a nice glossy shine without being over the top. Trust, for me to stray from Matte it takes a lot!


Mac Heroine (Matte)- I spoke about this in my must have products because it really is my go to. It is the ultimate Vibrant purple and I am currently all about purple. It is definitely a little bold as I tend to be with lipstick but anyone who ever borrows it is always impressed with how wearable it ends up being. For some reason everyone gravitates towards it when borrowing my lipsticks. It’s the telltale story of intimidating in the tube but awesome on your lips. I will never stop recommending Heroine (the lipstick).


Mac Diva (Matte)- I wore this color to my sisters wedding, and it hasn’t left my side since. It’s a dark rich Burgundy that goes perfectly with a glam evening out. I would say its the ultimate vampy red. With Diva and a few extra coats of mascara, it really inspires me to bring out my inner pin up. This color really can be worn by any skintone, providing its at the right time. I wouldn’t suggest it for a day at the beach but it is one of my winter staples for sure.