The Perfect Hair Accessory

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I am a hair accessory junkie! It always gives me a little pep in my step to know that my hair is looking cute! Here are some of the following things I love to wear in my hair


Thatmadonnagirl Flower halo- With the winter months FINALLY coming to an end, its time to take out my flower halos. I’ve been a loyal Thatmadonnagirl fan for a few years now and watched her business take off. Made with all different color leather straps and named after each of her flower children, she has all different types of flowers in all different colors. You can even make your own on the website. She sews the flowers down so they wont come off, which I have yet to happen to any of mine (I have been wearing some of the same halos for years). With all these different color combinations, you cant lose. There is literally a flower halo to match every outfit and every mood (I wear a black one when im pissed off.) Visit thatmadonnagirl to see for yourself


Lace headbands- This one might not be as popular as the flower halos but its a new obsession of mine. I find the lace so feminine and beautiful, what better place to wear it than right on your head! Pair it with an edgy outfit like leather or spikes to add a touch of girliness to your outfit. With a cute flowy dress, it really raises the bar. You can find some at forever 21 or target, or if you’re anything like me you can scour Etsy for hours on end to find the one that perfectly suits you. I recently bought a black hard lace headband which makes me SO happy because hard headbands keep me from twirling my hair (my ultimate bad habit).


Turban headband- I absolutely adore this look, whether it be for a beach day or an hour at the gym. These turbans are usually made out of cotton so they’re not for the fanciest of events. They’re a great way to pull your hair out of your face while looking trendy at the same time. You can find turban headbands at your local target or cvs, etsy, or my personal favorite danabands. They have all different types of turban headbands, ranging from metallic to neon. The perfect way to bring out your inner 80’s chick.


Hair Jewelry- Hair jewelry is something were seeing a lot of on the red carpet lately. Not to be confused with the ear cuff, which looks like it’s in your hair (although I do love those too) Hair Jewelry can range from a full diamond headdress to a few rhinestones pinned behind your ear.  Zooey Deschanel wore a full blown diamond lizard in her hair, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. Urbanoutfitters has alot of fun hair jewelry that can really take a night out to the next level. If you’re the creative type, all you need is a few rhinestones, a glue gun and some bobby pins for a DIY.


Chloe’s go to products

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josiemaranJosie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation When it comes to foundation, I have a hard time finding a color that matches my specific skin tone. I pride myself on having clear and smooth skin, so I look for something with little coverage while still doing its job. With this foundation, it does just that. I can not tell you how exactly this white serum goes on and changes to my skin tone when it hits my face, but it does. It feels almost like a moisturizer on your face, not that icky serum texture you find in a lot of primers. It provides coverage and reduces redness without giving any caked on feeling. It is the perfect base for your makeup and made with all natural ingredients for those of you who take interest in that.

lou The balm “Mary-Lou” Manizer this product is an absolute godsend! I just picked it up a few days ago and I have not put it down since. I absolutely adore illuminizers and I have tried many in my day, this is hands down the best. It provides a lot of shine so it might not be best for those with oily skin. If you use a light hand (I recommend using a small tapered brush on your cheeks, bridge of your nose, and hairline where the light hits) it provides the perfect amount of sheen and gives you that natural luminous glow we all long for!

heroineMac Heroine lipstick Usually, I like to wear bright colors that pop against my skin and go with my “less is more” makeup look. However, this lipstick is amazing. It is described as a “vibrant matte purple” but I have noticed the color definitely varies from person to person. On me, its more of a dark purple that really makes me pop. I was afraid it would be too dark on me at first, but it has proved time and time again to be my perfect go to lipstick.

elfE.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator For those of you who haven’t heard of elf, I suggest logging onto their website ( right after you finish this post! I’m not sure why this product isn’t a cult favorite yet, but maybe someday. Since you will mostly always finding me rocking a matte lipstick I need something to keep my lips from getting flaky and dry. I use this is the morning in conjunction with a chap-stick (which I wipe off before putting on my matte lip for the day) and my lips stay flawless and flake free. It can definitely feel a little rough on the lips, but for someone who loves matte as much as I do, its a must have.


“Yu” Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil–  This lip pencil is the holy grail for those who either love a good matte lip or are looking to try one. It gives you all the benefits of the look without producing any dryness or peel on the lips. It glides on smoothly with precision and can be used as a lip-liner as well. With the color Yu, it is a vibrant hot pink that stands beautifully all on its own and can last at least 4 hours (providing no meals or coffee of course- anyone who tells you lipstick stays on during meals is LYING, trust me)