My favorite Mac Lipsticks!


Mac has and always will be one of my all time favorite makeup brands. Between the packaging, the array of products, and all the limited edition releases they really know how to keep a girl on her toes! Since you will be seeing a lot of mac on the blog, I figured id start with the basics of my favorite mac lipsticks


Mac Sushi Kiss (Satin Finish)- This color isn’t really for the faint of heart. It’s a mix between coral and peach but its bright and the tanner your skin the more it will stand out. That being said, the color is drop dead gorgeous. It really is one of those rare colors that I don’t know any dupes for. It took me a while to find my perfect peach but with this lipstick, I have finally found it.


Mac Asian Flower (Sheen Supreme)- This lipstick is part of the less publicized sheen supreme collection. Mac will actually be releasing their Moody Blooms collection on June 26th, which will introduce us to at least 5 more new Sheen Supremes. Don’t say you didnt read it here first! I actually saw Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars wearing this lipstick at an event so I instagrammed her makeup artist for the color. It looks more purple on her tan skin and tends to lean more pinkie purple on mine, but either way the color is beautiful. It produces a nice glossy shine without being over the top. Trust, for me to stray from Matte it takes a lot!


Mac Heroine (Matte)- I spoke about this in my must have products because it really is my go to. It is the ultimate Vibrant purple and I am currently all about purple. It is definitely a little bold as I tend to be with lipstick but anyone who ever borrows it is always impressed with how wearable it ends up being. For some reason everyone gravitates towards it when borrowing my lipsticks. It’s the telltale story of intimidating in the tube but awesome on your lips. I will never stop recommending Heroine (the lipstick).


Mac Diva (Matte)- I wore this color to my sisters wedding, and it hasn’t left my side since. It’s a dark rich Burgundy that goes perfectly with a glam evening out. I would say its the ultimate vampy red. With Diva and a few extra coats of mascara, it really inspires me to bring out my inner pin up. This color really can be worn by any skintone, providing its at the right time. I wouldn’t suggest it for a day at the beach but it is one of my winter staples for sure.



5 thoughts on “My favorite Mac Lipsticks!

    1. It is my favorite lippie of all time! It really is a very unique color, most peaches tend to lean towards nude but this one is a true bright peach!

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