A quirky guide to beauty and all things Chloe!



Thank you for coming to check out my blog! I am your every day girl with a limited budget that goes mostly towards BEAUTY SUPPLIES! With fair skin and curly hair it can sometimes be challenging to find makeup and hair products that really do the job. Hopefully, with my blog at your fingertips we can find products that go beyond the girls with gorgeous sleek straight hair and perfectly tanned skin. Each woman deserves to feel beautiful in their own right and not let the media or other people dictate what beauty means. All feedback is greatly appreciated and I want this blog to be for you by one of us, your average quirky beauty consumer!


3 thoughts on “A quirky guide to beauty and all things Chloe!

  1. Hey Chloe, I read your blog and for all the young beauties you are spot on. Cheers to you for all you hard work, research and informative data. Great Job! Aunt Judy the makeup junkie is gonna love it!

    1. Thank you Janet! I appreciate that. It’s something I’ve always wanted to get into so I finally took the plunge! Let me know if theres anything you want to see me right about 🙂

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